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What makes Brush Pro Painting different is the application process. Simply put, we brush-paint  (not spray paint) the surfaces of your home. What this amounts to is a more pure paint bonding in a better way to the surfaces. Our services.

Since 1979 we have offered quality, affordable house painting services for twin cities homes & businesses with our unique brush-application process.

Who We Are

What We Do

Why Us

We are a full-service professional painting company offering over 35 years experience in the painting industry. Learn more about us.
We offer a full line of interior and exterior painting solutions that will enhance as well as protect your home. More about our services.
We offer free estimates, do not require advance payment, and guarantee customer satisfaction. We are insured. Samples of our work.
Who We Are
Who We Are

We are a full-service painting company with over 35 years experience.

Why Us
Why Us

Free estimates, no advance payment required, customer satisfaction

What We Do
What We Do

Interior and exterior painting services for twin cities based homes and businesses.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. More about us.

Samples of our work

Exterior House Painting Exterior House Painting Interior House Painting Exterior House Painting Exterior House Painting
Professional - Free Estimates - 100% Satisfaction - 2 Year Warranty
Your complete house painting solution

Call for a free estimate - (952) 994-9493
(952) 994-9493
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