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About the Founder

About Us
About Us

We are a full-service painting company with over 35 years experience.

Brush application
(no spraying then back brushing)

No advance payment required

Will work everyday to finish

100% satisfaction is guaranteed

Available immediately

We use high quality products

We are professional painters

Numerous local references available

We are insured and very affordable

We offer no obligation estimate

Locally owned and operated

2 years written warrantee

Over 2000 satisfied customers
About The Founder
About The Founder

We are a full-service painting company with over 35 years experience.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Our services.
Mehdi started out house painting as a way to put himself through college. He soon realized that he is very good at painting houses.

Some say it is his meticulous nature that makes him so good at what he does. Some say its his attention to detail. Mehdi prides himself on being a people person and having an unrelenting strive for excellence in customer service.

He doesn't make his customers settle. Quality is priority.
Since 1979, we have offered interior & exterior painting services.

What makes Brush Pro Painting different is the application process. Simply put - we brush-paint (not spray paint) your home surfaces. This means is better quality in terms of a more pure paint bonding in a better way to the surface.

If you are looking for a professional to paint the interior & exterior of your home, Brush Pro Painting is your one stop solution.
Call for a free estimate - (952) 994-9493
(952) 994-9493
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