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Exterior painting services
Exterior painting services

We offer a full line of exterior painting services, including siding, soffits, facias, trim, windows, doors, stucco, foundations, decks, porches, and fences. See below for details.

Interior painting services
Interior painting services

We offer a full line of interior painting services including walls, ceilings, and wood work. See below for details.


• Power washing

• Covering shrubs and landscaping

• Taping and covering all the light fixtures

• Taping and covering concrete and driveway

• Scraping all the loose paints

• Oil priming all the bare wood area

• Caulking siding corners and around window / door frames

• Glazing windows

• Replacing loose nails with new thicker and longer nails

Exterior painting and staining

• Siding, soffit, facia, gutters and trim

• Windows, doors and garage doors

• Stucco

• Foundation

• Decks and porches

• Fences

Related services

• Siding and deck board replacement / Wood repair

• Covering furniture

• Taping and covering all areas not intended to be painted

• Repairing any cracks, holes, knicks in the walls

• Sand and smooth any imperfections

Interior Walls

• Painting

• Knock down

• Wall paper stripping

• Sheet Rocking and taping

Interior Ceiling

• Painting

• Water Damage

• Popcorn texturing

• Removing texturing

• Knock Down

• Sheet Rocking

Interior Wood Work

• Wood work and cabinetry staining and fine enameling

Interior Painting Services

Exterior Painting Services

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Your home is your biggest investment, at Brush Pro Painting we take special care of your home. We offer complete line of professional painting services for the interior and exterior of your home or business. We insure that surfaces are properly prepared before any job and, we do a complete clean-up when we are done. For the best result we use brush application instead of spraying then back brushing. See below for more information:
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